John Evans - Bass Guitar & Backing Vocalist

Updated: Feb 2

John (Big John) Bass and Backing Vocalist (The Oldest member but obviously don’t look it.)

Started playing around 1974 and never stopped.

Been there and seen it all, from the time my band ‘The Blue Velvets’ and the Jam auditioned at Farnborough working mans club. We got the job the Jam were told they were too loud and had the plug pulled, what ever happened to them?

Anyway also worked for Johnny Johnson (London Based Agent) in the seventies and eighties and played with many named bands. Amongst my many nodding acquaintances are Paul McCartney and Norman Cook (the fat boy)

In the eighties and nineties played in numerous bands; Kabba (Rock) Booze Brothers (Blues Soul) Fat Cat Band (Funk) and the like, oh and Country (I needed the money) moving on.

Now with the Licks for ten years and loving it . Party Party Party .

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"Yeah yeah, OK John I love Country music"... Em's x


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