Peter Storey - Singer & Front Man

Updated: Feb 2

Vocals, Harmonica and Percussion.

Let get this party started!

Singing is my lifelong passion. I was lucky to grow up in a golden era of music, exposed (!) to musical legends on a small stage. Every Saturday night my paper round money was spent seeing bands unknown to me at the time, that became and remain household names, but I won’t bore you listing them here.

I don’t take myself seriously as a singer, regardless of my status as a demi god in the Co-op. But I do take seriously the business of getting your party started. Standing out front with my band mates, feeling the groove, seeing the audience grinning and gyrating. There’s deep joy comparable only to your fondest romantic encounters and fantasies!

If we don’t have you on your feet, escaping the drudgery of your working week. If your mind hasn’t taken over your body, and forced it into impossible embarrassing dance shapes you had previously not imagined, and your age should not allow, then I’ve failed. It’s why I sing.

I’ve sung in many bands, over many years since the age of 16, with many talented people, but The Licks are the best of them and my true brothers.

I’m looking forward to getting your party started.

Peter Storey - Singer at The Licks Rock Party Band

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